Unhealthy Things That Should Avoid After Completing a Meal

By | July 6, 2020


We often feel incomplete after intake of our meal. This happens when you are extremely or moderately hungry and fill up your stomach quickly. Although it is always said that it is important to have your food very slowly. One must chew more than engulfing it completely.

When the food is chewed fully it makes the digestion process work efficiently. But due to lack of time and overloaded work we have we often finish our meal in couple of minutes which is unhealthy. Due to which we feel hungry after a while.

Instead of eating healthy we try to munch on the packaged snacks to eliminate the hunger. Which sometimes create some ,digestive problems like acidity, gas and lately gaining fat.

We keep on following such routine and do not realize that it can lead to unhealthiness and collecting fat cellulite that can lead to obesity. 

Having daily meal in a proper way will never let your body desire for munching but even in case it does you must opt for fruits and juices to full your appetite. 


Say No To Smoking

Smoking affects harmfully to  the body after meal. In The digestion process, the nicotine mix with oxygen in the blood and gets easily absorbed. Smoking after a meal may also increase Chances Of bowel cancer. 

Must Sleep After 2 hours

Intake of food makes us lazy. We often feel dizzy after each meal and wish to relax. but this interrupts the digestion process and leads to accumulate fat on the stomach, Sleeping just after eating must be avoid instead must go for a walk to change the idea.

Avoid Bath Just After The Course

The process gets disturbed when bathing just after eating. The warmth to the body after food gets suppressed when under shower. If you really want to take a shower wait for at least half an hour.

Eating Fruits after full meal

Fruits play the Important role, they are definitely one of the healthy foods to consume. Therefore, Always a Right time when you should eat them. Fruits must always be consumed on an empty stomach to allow maximum absorption. But for those craving for something to eat should have fruits 

Do Not Drink Tea/ Coffee

Drinking Tea after having a full meal can also interrupt with the digestion process to a great amount. It will happen because of the Tannins Present in it. It is a chemical present in tea or coffee which interferes with the iron absorption capacity of the body.


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