The Difference Between Fat And The Saturated Fat, Healthy And The Unhealthy

By | July 4, 2020

FAT! What is it that comes first to your mind?

Everything you see above is the forms of fat. A fat man, the desert you lurk for is full of fat, and the burger, of course, is definitely a form of fat.

These fats are the non-required or the saturated fat that accumulates in the body causing overweight and obesity.

Then What To Eat?

Trans fat or the Saturated fat is the fats, that are alarming to our body’s health. But, we sometimes cheat on our health, which is okay.after all we live to eat.

But, Not always you can cheat on your yourself. Someday your body will reflect the fat. So what we need to do?

We only have to cut the saturated fat or the so-called trans fat from the body and store in the healthy fat necessary for body functioning.

These healthy fats are good for the functioning of liver, heart, intestines. Some food that is rich in healthy fat also have some anti-inflammatory properties and protein-rich.

We when forge to lose weight tend to cut the first thing from our body and that is fat. Although we do not notice if the fat is saturated or a healthy fat.

When picking food for ourselves the first thing that we look upon is:

That How much is the fat content in the product that we wish to eat.

The amount of fat that must be consumed by the body every day is 44-78 grams. Out of which 120 is intaken from the saturated fat.

Fat is equally important in our body as other fiber, nutrients in our body.

Fat not only keeps our body warm also helps in cell growth and protects organs.

The work of the healthy fat is to absorb the nutrients gained through the food we eat and produce the necessary protein hormones like adiponectin, leptin, resistin that work as an energizer and metabolic functioning of the body.

Most Interestingly these hormones help in treating severe diseases like obesity and type-2 disease.

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