Are You Gaining Weight Or Getting Obese? Its Time To Get Started

By | July 5, 2020

Obesity or getting obese is a condition where your body stores excessive fat.

More than 20% of your weight is what defines obesity.Must focus on not getting obese.

Did you know BMI depicts obesity? The higher the BMI (Body Mass Index) the higher obese you are.

It is time to understand how to balance your intake of calories from the food to energy consumed through everyday activity is.

Your body will store calories if you consume more calories than required, that you don’t need energy will form fat which will lead to over-weight.

However, lack of physical activity can eventually turn into obesity which should be taken care of. Here are some factors which you need to keep in mind to stay fit and in shape:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle: Eating, playing video games at one place and sleeping are most enjoyable work any human being can do. But this kind of lifestyle can lead you to obesity.
  2. Genetic factor: it is not necessary that your genetic factor will turn you obese. However, if any or both parents are obese the chances can be 20 to 30% of you getting over-weight.
  3. Eating right amount: People with sweet tooth or junkies tend to over-weight. We all love fast food but eating them up on a regular basis can lead to obesity.
  4. Psychological factors: people with eating disorder due rest upon getting obese. Due to physical pleasure and well-being, people tend to release opiate to the brain to deal with the emotional problem.
  5. Medical problems: people with medical conditions like thyroid or other hormonal imbalances can cause obesity. Severe medical condition not allowing physical activity can lead to weight gain.
  6. Pregnancy: handling pregnancy require a lot of patience and energy for that proper diet is recommended. Post-natal weight can be an issue in women which if not handled on time can become obese.
  7. Medications: Ongoing antidepressant medicines and steroids gains weight and lesser the metabolism.
  8. Smoking: Either ways smoking is not good for health. Nicotine present in cigarette reduces metabolic rate which follows with intake of more food. Once quitting smoking, food tastes better and more edible which can gain your weight.

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Here are some changes in your day to day life which can help you lead a healthy fat-free living:

  • Don’t give up: It is not easy to lose weight but in time with the help of self-motivation you can become slender and slim. Do not lose hope because you know nobody is perfect.
  • Positive thinking: Think of the things you can eat to stay fit instead of what you cannot eat.
  • Make some changes: you have been dealing with weight issues and other pressing problems. Make sure to deal with them. It takes a lot of effort but be strict with your self and stick to it.
  • Keep the record of your plan: Start afresh. Keep record without missing with full dedication. Make a dietary plan including fruits and vegetables and tracking daily activity. Also, keep a record of health parameters like cholesterol, blood pressure, and fitness.
  • Motivate yourself: Keeping the same routine can become monotonous, try changing to please yourself. No one can stop you if you are determined to lose it. Even though you have increased pressure to lose weight, keep yourself focused.
  • Living with good examples: Read magazines filled with healthy tips, recipe, exercise tips and facts about fitness. You must start saying “NO” to unhealthy to avoid food trigger. Serve yourself less in smaller plates. Eat in small portions to stay in full of appetite.


Although these were some measures to keep you fit active.

But there can be one thing which can affect your lifestyle completely. The above-mentioned 8th point is, the most noted.

Since smoking reduces the exercising capacity along with other health ailments. Smoking is directly proportionate to obesity.

Survey says people who smoke more have to work harder to lose weight. Also, it causes the rheumatic pain in the joints especially the knee.

Smoking is such a risk to the body that it gets addicted to the body and hard to release.

There are certain antirheumatic drugs that help remission the smoking.

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