Excellent Healthy Study Tips and Techniques for a Good Score

By | July 2, 2020

Tips for Healthy Eating During Exams

Not just students, children its parents who come into stress. The guests are pre-informed about nearing of the examination , especially those with board examination (10th and 12th). Even the competitive examination for any stream makes the surrounding stressful. Sometimes the stress of competing others in examination or scoring distinction leave you thinking of taking proper nutrition.

Exam stress is such which diverts the mind focusing on just studying. We forget that proper intake of nutrition will help function brain more. Since, we know the benefits of eating vegetables fruits help in memory retention and have many other benefits.

Some are helpful in eliminating stress others help in proper sleep for relaxation of mind. Some also help in releasing anxiety.

Get Healthy Study Tips And Techniques For The Students

1. Do Meditation

To Improve the concentration and retain the stored content in your memory during the examination you must study calmly. You must practice meditating everyday before starting the study. Meditating not only calms mind but also helps in storing more without anxiety.

2. Always Stay hydrated

Choose your beverages well, though. Caffeine and sugar should be kept to a minimum. Better choices include water, fruit juice, milk, and anti-oxidant-rich green tea to keep your mind and body hydrated.

3. De-clutter and Arrange Your Study

A cluttered study space can never result in a clear inflow of thought. We understand, how at this point you are going through every book and cluster of notes for the best possible preparation, but sparing 10 minutes to clear and organize your table would only help in better information retention.

Also check all your notes are in order, and that you have all the handouts in place before you start off with your preparations.

4. Take a break

This can be a blatant term at this critical time when you can probably answer in your sleep too. But it is important that your brain is going to reach a saturation point in almost any two or three hours of continuous study.

To make sure that your brain is able to absorb and process new information, you have to give yourself a break regularly

5. Eat at Regular Intervals

Eating regular meals helps keep nutrient and energy levels more stable, curbing the temptation of empty-calorie snacks in the vending machine.

6. Practice Yoga or Some Other Form of Exercise

With the vigorous and non-stop training your eyes might starts burning and head pounding with too much information.

Here parents must encourage for a short break for the refreshment and revising the routine with energy.

Try talking a walk with the nature and breathe in the fresh air either just some yoga to uplift mood or dancing to relax and pep up back for studies.

7. Get enough sleep

Your brain machine isn’t Duration. For that matter, even machines would like a while to open themselves and to fill themselves once More to Work Better.

Sleep deprivation will bring several health results, particularly once combined with stress. Your brain needs time to know the data you collect throughout the day, and smart sleep for eight hours ensures that it happens Smoothly.

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