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Benefits and Methods of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise is very popular all over the world. The scientific meaning of aerobic is to increase the amount of oxygen in the body, that is, the pure and fresh air in the body through exercise and breathing. With the help of this exercise, blood pressure, breathing, the heartbeat is properly controlled and the body… Read More »

Friendship Benefits: From Releasing Stress to Living Longer Life

Friendship Benefits: From Releasing Stress to Living Longer Life We have always had friends since our childhood. It’s a gift to us to share love and care among others. Friendship is one such bond in a human’s life that can have great impact. No matter whatever your age is we always get excited to meet friends… Read More »

International Yoga Day

Also, the longest day in the year 21st of June is celebrated as International Yoga Day or Yoga Day Worldwide. Yoga was conceptualized in India. It not only keeps you fit with asanas but also keeps you focused and relaxes your mind through meditation. Since people worldwide have understood the importance of Yoga, they started… Read More »

Eating Eggplant Benefits From Weight Loss to Diabetes

Health Benefits of Eating Eggplant Who Likes Egg Plant? I guess Very People would want to eat this vegetable. You Must be thinking what question is this and why would you eat this dark coloured tasteless vegetable. But let me tell you there are huge benefits hidden in this taste and odourless vegetable. This Egg… Read More »

Eyes get swollen when wake up in the morning, here is a health tips for you

Swollen or puffy eyes have varied reasons to occur. You might wake up in the morning and have swollen eyes. But, in case of puffy eyes, it does not happen all of a sudden. Swollen eyes can occur due to an allergic reaction, insect bite.  But puffy eyes happen in the lower part if the… Read More »